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How Nigeria Became Colonised and the Beginning of the Nigerian Constitutional Development

Pages: 5  ,  Volume: 15  ,  Issue: 1 , October   2018
Received: 01 Nov 2018  ,  Published: 08 November 2018
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# Author Name
1 Imuetinyan P. J. Ugiagbe


When the British took over the administration of Nigeria as the colonial master, there was a need for a new political order. This article is written in historical perspective and posits that the constitutions were made or enacted under the British administration was an instrument that was made by the British to suit their type of administration and purpose. The article also unveils that for most part of the British rule in Nigeria, Nigerian had no say in the making of the constitutions that was meant to govern them. In this article the author sets out to look at Nigeria from the moment the British colonial masters set their feet in Nigeria, and colonised the country. The author’s aim here is to posit the Nigerian Constitution in a general setting of historic perspective. The author intends to address Nigeria’s British imperial rule in historical perspective through to when the country ever had its first constitution of constitutional historical magnitude.


  • constitution
  • British rule
  • imperialists
  • scolonialism
  • native authority
  • amalgamation
  • Governor General
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