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The E-commerce Era: A Qualitative Study on the Growth Strategies of Online Business among Philippine School Doha Senior High School Students

Volume: 69  ,  Issue: 1 , January    Published Date: 05 February 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 7623  ,  Download: 5400 , Pages: 201 - 227    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100691120211687


# Author Name
1 Joan Marie T. Alegario, MST
2 Angela Nina J. Aldover
3 James Bryan M. Bondad
4 Genale Audrey V. Calpito
5 Julianne Kyle A. Caneso
6 Frank Gio S. Cruz
7 Gabrielle Mogene D. Olaes
8 Elysha Reigne S. Santos
9 Ralph Fredie M. Tomas


Background: Social media has been an influential platform for young adults. Hence, along the growth of e-commerce; young adults recognize the potential of putting up an online business. However, a business involves a series of challenges that put these young adults to the test. This study then aims to identify the growth strategies of student online sellers and how they cope with the responsibilities of having an online business. Method: This study utilized the phenomenological approach as it sought to understand the lived experiences of student online sellers relative to the central question: ?What are the challenges commonly faced by a Philippine School Doha Senior High School Student who is into online business??. Data gathered were analyzed using an inductive approach. Findings: Findings have shown that challenges in an online business are inevitable, however, online selling reveals the capabilities of students to become successful entrepreneurs as they learn to overcome any challenge that may come along their way. Conclusion: Their familiarity with social media platforms creates an advantage for them to start a business. Handling a business serves as a transcendent opportunity for these students as the strategies they develop benefits not only their business but also their personal lives. Recommendation: This paper recommends the young adults to enable themselves to be knowledgeable of the aspects behind the strategies of online businesses which can greatly influence one?s idea about entrepreneurship. Future related studies should further expand on the concept of e-commerce as it can help establish a wider perspective on the several opportunities it offers to the youth.


  • Online Selling
  • ; Growth Strategies
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • ; Financial Literacy
  • E-commerce
  • Student Online Seller