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Pages: 22  ,  Volume: 6  ,  Issue: 1 , June   2018
Received: 18 Jun 2018  ,  Published: 23 June 2018
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1 EMManuel O. Okon



In less than six years, Nigeria has witnessed a gigantic leap in the number of football viewing centers and an almost proportional number of sports betting shops that cater to the needs of thousands of fans willing to stack money on their favorite football club or team. Invariably, the economic benefits of legalizing betting in the country far outweigh the social cost. Given this scenario, there is need for entrepreneurship development in this line of business. This is due to the fact that economic growth generated by entrepreneurs is the core engine of a virtuous cycle that develops an economy. This paper is of the suggestion that small and medium scale enterprises in general need to change their attitude and habits relating to entrepreneurship development. In the same vein, the governments (Local, State and Federal) need to involve the SMEs in policy formulation and execution for maximum effect.  




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