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School Heads and Teachers’ Awareness and Schools’ Implementation of the Child Protection Policy

Volume: 144  ,  Issue: 1 , March    Published Date: 07 March 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 228  ,  Download: 68 , Pages: 283 - 292    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001441320246159


# Author Name
1 Rafael Christian S. Aguilar
2 Sonia S. Carbonell, PhD


This study assessed the profile of the respondents, level of awareness of school heads and teachers of the child protection policy, level of implementation of schools, and significant relationships between variables. Employing a quantitative method using a descriptive-correlation research design with adopted instruments from Bayucca (2020) and Annex 2B of the Child Protection Policy, data was gathered from 118 school heads and teachers in public elementary and secondary schools in San Vicente, Camarines Norte. To analyze the data, frequency, percentage, weighted mean, and Pearsons Product-Moment Correlation were used. The findings revealed that the majority of the respondents are female, aged 40-49 years old, holding the position of Teacher I, have attained a bachelors degree, and have been in the service for 1-10 years. Findings also showed that school heads and teachers are highly aware of the child protection policy. In addition, schools implement such policy. Moreover, there is a weak negative correlation between the age of the respondents and the level of their awareness (r=-.189). Furthermore, there is a strong positive correlation between the level of awareness and the level of implementation (r=.644). With these results, the researcher proposed a brochure and training program to reinforce the awareness and implementation of the child protection policy. It is hereby recommended that the school continuously organize seminars and workshops and develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the policy. Further research is also encouraged to explore the impact of the proposed intervention on the awareness and implementation of the child protection policy.


  • Child Protection
  • Policy
  • Awareness
  • Implementation
  • School Heads
  • Teachers