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What is Plagiarism in Academic Writing and How to Avoid it: Guiding Novice Researchers

Volume: 144  ,  Issue: 1 , March    Published Date: 07 March 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 129  ,  Download: 44 , Pages: 267 - 270    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001441320246161


# Author Name
1 Fodouop Kouam Arthur William


Plagiarism is a pressing issue in academic writing, especially for novice researchers who may unintentionally commit this ethical violation. This study delves into plagiarism and its common types and provides practical strategies and tips for avoiding it. By defining plagiarism, offering guidance on proper citation, and emphasizing the significance of ethical writing practices, this study aims to equip novice researchers with the tools to uphold academic integrity and contribute to advancing knowledge in their respective fields. The studys original contribution lies in its focus on providing concrete guidance for novice researchers on preventing plagiarism, filling a gap in existing literature on the topic. Future research avenues include exploring the role of mentorship and academic integrity programs in avoiding plagiarism and evaluating the effectiveness of plagiarism detection software in detecting and preventing unintentional plagiarism.


  • Academic writing
  • attribution
  • citation
  • ethical writing practices
  • novice researchers
  • plagiarism