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Volume: 149  ,  Issue: 1 , May    Published Date: 30 May 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 115  ,  Download: 56 , Pages: 994 - 1033    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001491520246524


# Author Name
1 Sarah Mae Martinez Ruiz
2 Lilibeth Roa Bagtas


This discourse analysis investigated the different online persona as well as the different impoliteness strategies used by elementary English teachers in Maasim, Saranggani Province. I categorized, analyzed and interpreted the gathered linguistic corpora through the lens of Moore, Barbour and Lees (2017) Five Dimensions of Online Persona and Culpepers (2011) Theory of Impoliteness. In the gathered corpora, all Five Dimensions of Online Persona were exhibited by participants with 36.89% of teachers posts and status utilized the Performative Dimension and 25.93% on the Collective Dimension of their persona projected online. Public dimension is also utilized comprising 18.78% while Mediatized Dimension has 11.35% and 7.05% for Value Dimension being the least utilized online persona among teachers. Further, only three Impoliteness Strategies are prominent and only one among 15 participants engaged in impoliteness in responding to hate comments. In the 13 corpora that manifested impoliteness, five (5) or 38.46 % are bald-on record, three (3) or 23.07% of the comments are positive impoliteness, three (3) or 23.07% are negative impoliteness while the remaining two (2) or 15.39% of the impoliteness strategies are sarcasm or mock impoliteness. It is recommended that this study be used to address the challenge of the academe regarding the language and behavior of learners and teachers as well in the online platform.


  • Online Persona
  • Impoliteness Strategies
  • Discourse Analysis