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Quantifying the Impact of Teachers Instructional Practice and ICT Technology Integration on Teachers Readiness Level in the 21 st Century

Volume: 149  ,  Issue: 1 , May    Published Date: 28 May 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 132  ,  Download: 65 , Pages: 787 - 806    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001491520246521


# Author Name
1 Jamela D. Ainin, MAED
2 Marleonie M. Bauyot, PhD


As the landscape of education evolves rapidly in the 21st Century, the teachers’ instructional practice and ICTtechnologyintegration emerge as crucial components in shaping teachers’ readiness. Reports from the Basic Education Report (BER) 2023 underscored pervasive issues with technology access, integration, and teacher capacity, readiness in these areaswhich prompted the researchers to conduct a study to determine the influence level of indicators on future-ready teachersin elementary and secondary education. The study attempted to assess the influence of teachers’ instructional practiceandICT technology integration on teachers’ readiness in the 21st century with innovative plans for educationusingquantitative methodologies. A quantitative correlational design was employed with a total number of 200 elementaryandsecondary public school teachers through universal sampling. It utilized adapted instruments to assess the teachers’ readiness in the 21st century. The gathered data was statistically analyzed through SPSS using mean, Pearsonr andmultiple regression. The study uncovered that the level of teachers’ instructional practice, ICT technology integrationandteachers’ readiness in the 21st Century were very high. A significant relationship existed between teachers’ instructional practice, ICT technology integration and teachers' readiness in the 21st century. It was found that the teachers’ instructional practice, ICT technology integration positively influenced the teachers’ readiness in the 21st century. Recommendations include professional development, teacher readiness assessment, practices for effective teachingandthe integrated Project Integrated Learning for Engaging and Real-World Needs (iLearn) to develop teachers’ readiness. This research is crucial in equipping teachers to be well-prepared on the demands of teaching skills in the 21st century


  • Teachers' Instructional Practice
  • ICT Technology Integration
  • Teachers' Readiness