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Assessment of self-made educational workbook to E-writing skills of non-graded learners with autism spectrum disorder

Volume: 147  ,  Issue: 1 , April    Published Date: 25 April 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 208  ,  Download: 67 , Pages: 287 - 300    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001471420246280


# Author Name
1 Cacel C. Buendia
2 Nica April A. Manuzon
3 Monalyn E. Nava
4 Lyra M. Procincula
5 Jane Eidref D. Suena
6 Kyle Jaimnuel T. Taniegra


This study used questionnaires and a self-made workbook for students with autism to determine their levels of writing proficiency and to identify their areas of strength and weakness. This tool is the one that Laguna Universitys third-year Bachelor of Elementary education students prefer to use when completing their own self-made workbook. The results show that before utilization of the Workbook the Learners with autism had an average of 2.6 in terms of Writing capabilities, it shows that before using the Workbook the students know how to write on their own. After Utilization of the Workbook the students with autism had an average of 3.4 in terms of Writing capabilities shows that after using the workbook the hand writing skills of the students with autism improves. The pencil grip and control before utilization is 2.4  which is proficient but after it becomes 3.4 that shows Excellent. The line usage before utilization is 2.6 which is proficient and after using the Workbook it becomes 3.2 and still proficient. Legibility and Formation before utilization has 2.6 which is proficient and after using the Workbook it becomes 3.6 that is Excellent. Letter/Word Spacing before utilization has 2 which is developing and after Utilization it becomes 3.6 which is excellent. Consistency before utilization has 2 which is developing after Utilization it becomes 3.2 which is Excellent. This study therefore recommended that learners with autism may have supplementary materials such as a workbook that includes tracing, coloring, puzzles and quizzes. The parents of students with autism can actively engage their childs attention in activities that can improve the writing skills of their child. It can also help the future research as their reference for having a topic that is connected to this Research.


  • assessment
  • educational workbook
  • E-writing skills
  • autism