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Sports Psychological Skills and Engagement of College Physical Education Students in Sports Program

Volume: 147  ,  Issue: 1 , April    Published Date: 28 April 2024
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 196  ,  Download: 74 , Pages: 358 - 369    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001471420246368


# Author Name
1 Jessie Bien G. Arcipe
2 May Antonette C. Condes
3 Christian Joy J. Lerog


Students sports participation is crucial for their physical, mental, and social development. However, maintaining consistent participation in sports program might be difficult due to a number of psychological factors. The primary purpose of this study aims to see the possible relationship between sports psychological skills and engagement in sports program. It utilized descriptive correlational design using an adapted questionnaire to gather data from college physical education students, who have been selected through simple random sampling. Analysis of results revealed that the sports psychological skills is High which means students are with very good psychological skills. Moreover, students perceive their engagement in sports program as very high. This means that students develop a positive attitude toward physical activity and doing so makes them more likely to engage in physical activities, even outside of PE classes. Students enjoy and feel satisfied with the activities and lessons. Results also declared that there is a significant strong positive correlation between sports psychological skills and students engagement in sports program. A closer look at the result shows that students with very good psychological skills leads to a higher sports engagement. It is then highly recommended to reinforce the activity called sport smart: an individualized performance-based assessment strategy. This involves classroom-based sports training, integrating effective strategies such as mental rehearsal, goal-setting, feedback mechanisms, and understanding of sports fundamentals. By nurturing this strategy, schools can also empower students to excel both on and off the field, which leads to holistic development and enhanced performance.


  • sports psychological skills
  • students engagement
  • sports training