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Pupils’ Reading Achievement and Innovative Reading Strategies: Basis for Enhanced Implementation of School Reading Program

Volume: 124  ,  Issue: 1 , May    Published Date: 11 May 2023
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 290  ,  Download: 181 , Pages: 1326 - 1331    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001241520234893


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1 Ma. Ellen L. Lamsen


Difficulties in developing reading skills in the early grades can lead to severe academic difficulties throughout pupils schooling. Literacy is one of the strongest predictors of academic success.  This study aimed to determine the pupils reading achievement before and after the reading program implementation. A quasi-experimental using one group pre-test and post-test design was used. The results revealed that the pre-test scores reflect that most pupils scores at least 70 in the level 3. This means that most of them have evaluative level. Similarly, 10 and 50 scores were tallied in the literal and inferential levels. Moving on in the posttest, the average scores of pupils have increased in the evaluative level posting the score of 100. It also increases in the literal (79 scores) and inferential (88 scores). There was a significant difference in the pre-test scores (M=43.33) and post-test scores (M=89.00) of the reading level of pupils (t-comp =10.66> t-critical =4.30). It was concluded that the average scores of the pupils increases in the three levels after the SHARP program was implemented. Majority of the pupils scores belonged to evaluative level which requires the ability to the pupils to move beyond the text to consider what they think and believe in relation to the message in the text. The reading assessment scores of pupils in the pre-test and the scores after the implementation of the SHARP reading program is not the same as reflected in mean scores wherein post-test assessment has higher mean compared to the pre-test. Using the SHARP program as reading intervention is effective to improve the reading scores of the pupils.  Furthermore, the teachers may sustain the program to further increase the assessment scores of the pupils. The school heads and teachers in every school may linkage for the budget to finance the reading materials and snacks for the beneficiaries.  


  • innovative
  • Pupils
  • reading achievement
  • reading strategies