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Volume: 124  ,  Issue: 1 , May    Published Date: 08 May 2023
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 76  ,  Download: 23 , Pages: 1199 - 1253    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001241520234944


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The Off-Grid Solar Panel Installation Trainer Board is an innovative tool for teaching the fundamentals of solar panel installation. It provides a comprehensive platform for learning the necessary skills for solar panel installation. The board features a detailed diagram of a solar panel system, along with step-by-step instructions for each component of the system. Additionally, it includes an interactive testing environment, allowing students to practice their skills before they take on an actual installation job. The board is also equipped with a variety of tools and accessories, ensuring that students have everything they need to complete a successful installation. With the Off-Grid Solar Panel Installation Trainer Board, students can gain the confidence and knowledge they need to become successful solar panel installers. In line with this, the researcher wants to evaluate the parameters in assessing the acceptability of the Off-grid Solar Panel Installation Trainer Board by looking into its level of functionality with regards to providing instructions, direct learning experience, collaborative learners, and quality assessment, its level of quality in terms of extensive usage, low maintenance, and eco-friendly, and its extent of effectiveness relative to increase cognitive skills, increase psychomotor skills, and laboratory opportunities, as well as to determine if the functionality and quality of the Off Grid Solar Panel have significant influence to its effectiveness. Moreover, the researcher used descriptive research in this study with 100 research respondents from LSPU having electrical technology major. In gathering the data, the researcher employed a self-made questionnaire that undergo content validation. In addition, statistical tool like mean and standard deviation were used to analyzed the data. Consequently, the study found that the Off-Grid Solar Panel is highly acceptable in terms of functionality, quality and effectiveness, as observed by the students. The functionality and quality of the Panel had a significant influence on its effectiveness. Likewise, the impact of Off-Grid Solar Panel on cognitive, psychomotor, and laboratory skills is strong enough to disprove the hypothesis that the technology has no influence on its effectiveness. Thus, the hypothesis is not accepted. Additionally, the effectiveness of the Off-Grid Solar Panel in terms of its ability to Increase Cognitive Skills, Increase Psychomotor Skills, and Provide Laboratory Opportunities is strongly linked to its qualities of Extensive Usage, Low Maintenance, and Eco-Friendliness. This confirms the hypothesis. Furthermore, this study recommends increasing the accessibility and promotion of off-grid solar panels, providing regular maintenance and servicing, developing more effective learning materials and activities, and conducting further research and studies on the effectiveness of the panels.