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Students Perception About Value Clarification Learning Process for High School Students

Volume: 104  ,  Issue: 1 , July    Published Date: 14 July 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 75  ,  Download: 39 , Pages: 1099 - 1109    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001041720223591


# Author Name
1 Sukisno
2 Djoko Apriono
3 Nuswantari
4 Usep Supriatna


This study aims to determine students' perceptions of the value clarification learning process with the value inquiry method in Civics subjects. This research is a naturalistic descriptive research for students high school. The sample of this study were four schools and each school was selected by one class using cluster random sampling. Data analysis techniques of the results of this study used descriptive analysis techniques. The results showed that the level of students' perceptions of the learning process was perceived as an interactive learning process: 87%; inspiring; 85%; fun: 91%; challenging: 85% and motivating: 88%. While the learning process for each component of students' perceptions is: interactive 43% very high 47% high and enough 10% enough; inspiring 39% very high 46% high and enough 15%; pleasant 58% and very high 42% high; challenging learning 35% is very high 55% high and 10% is enough; motivates 48% very high 43% high and 9% enough. The results of the study concluded that the value clarification learning process with the value inquiry method in Civics subjects by students is perceived as an excellent learning process, meaning that it meets the demands of an ideal learning process standard which is an fun, motivating, interactive, inspirational, and challenging learning process.


  • student’s perception
  • learning process
  • value clarification