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Teaching Strategies of Technical-Vocational Teachers and Student Satisfaction

Volume: 104  ,  Issue: 1 , July    Published Date: 12 July 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 60  ,  Download: 30 , Pages: 965 - 988    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001041720223584


# Author Name
1 Sergia B. Pangan


The researcher used a descriptive research design where the respondents were the 100 TVL teachers and 50 students in Cabuyao City, Laguna, following a purposive quota sampling. A Pearson r correlation was used to test the relationship between the frequency of application of different teaching strategies by the TVL teachers and students’ satisfaction. The following are the findings of the study with the mean assessment of the TVL teachers in their teaching strategies in terms of lecture with laboratory, computer-assisted lessons, peer tutoring, modeling and teaching demo, oral recitation and reporting, and group work obtaining a common application of extremely frequent. It just shows that they used a variety of teaching strategies in their classes, and the extreme frequency of application of the teaching strategies is a manifestation of good practice of teaching strategies. Also, the students’ satisfaction in terms of teaching quality, teaching attitude, and teaching style comes up with the common agreement of highly satisfied. The results revealed that the learners were very pleased with the TVL teachers' teaching quality, attitude, and style; and the relationship between the frequency of teaching strategies of TVL teachers and learners’ satisfaction is only significant at modeling and teaching demo and teaching quality. It was revealed that TVL teachers' modeling and teaching demo teaching strategies correlated with learners' satisfaction with the quality of the teacher's teaching.


  • Students' Satisfaction
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Technical Vocational Education and Training