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Acceptability of Teacher-Made Module in Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person for LSPU Grade 12 Senior High School Students

Volume: 99  ,  Issue: 1 , April    Published Date: 16 April 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 68  ,  Download: 27 , Pages: 22 - 30    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100991420223054


# Author Name
1 Christian P. San Luis
2 Jolina G. San Esteban
3 Lariña T. Tagle


The study primarily aimed to develop a learning module on the Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Person for Grade 12 Senior High School students. The researchers utilized the developmental research to create the learning module, as well as the descriptive technique to determine the module’s level of acceptability in terms of its components and characteristics. There are two sets of respondents: (1) Senior High School teachers who have designed or formulated modules in their respective fields evaluated the acceptability of the developed module’s components and characteristics; and (2) Grade 12 Senior High School Students, who evaluated the acceptability of the module's component after having utilized the module in their class. A total of six (6) teacher-respondents and forty-three (43) Grade 12 Senior High School students have answered the survey. Purposive and quota sampling was employed in selecting the respondents. Results show that the developed module is deemed highly acceptable as evaluated by the teacher-respondents and the students wherein all factors its components and characteristics were given remarkable ratings. This also indicates that the learning module can be used in teaching Introduction to Philosophy of Human Life to Grade 12 Senior High School Students. Further recommendations were also cited such as validating its effectivity through actual classroom use. Furthermore, teachers should be encouraged to provide instructional resources in the form of modules, particularly in subjects/topics where the majority of students struggle.


  • Teacher-made Module
  • Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Learning Modalities
  • Modular Learning