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The Quality Of Work Life And Job Stress Among Librarians In Public Tertiary Institutions.

Volume: 68  ,  Issue: 1 , January    Published Date: 27 January 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 732  ,  Download: 536 , Pages: 63 - 74    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100681120211637


# Author Name
1 Adegboye Moyosore


The issues regarding the quality of work life and job stress is a global phenomenon which cuts across diverse changing and work environment. The success of any organization depends largely on the strategies adopted to improve the quality of work life of employees especially that of the librarians. The overall focus of the paper is to analyze the nature of work life and employment stress among librarians in public tertiary institutions. It is meant to determine the effect of job stress on the effectiveness of librarian?s performance in public tertiary institutions. It examines the causes of job stress among librarians in public tertiary institutions. It evaluated theories related to various components of quality work life and job stress. The research design used for the study was descriptive form of research and the study tested the hypotheses with relevant statistical instruments. The results showed that most librarians experienced high job stress resulting in unsatisfactory quality work life. It revealed the effects and impact of stress on librarians and their over-all performance. Job stress on librarians results in ill-health and loss of man hour which further manifests in low productivity. It is therefore necessary to ensure that stress is reduced to the barest minimum in the library workplace. Creating a healthy working environment is paramount in this regard. The provision of adequate facilities is also important since it helps librarians to perform optimally. Both the male and female library staff need to strike a balance between their job and family. Those who have children must as a matter of fact ensure that they employ adult house help to manage their home activities and take good care of their children while at work. It is indeed difficult to manage the work and home fronts without putting adequate plans in place. The population was obtained from various public tertiary institutions in Ogun state. Data analysis was done through descriptive statistics where measures of central tendencies and dispersion include frequency counts, means and percentages. The data was further analysed with the ANAVO with the help of the statistical package ver23


  • Librarian
  • Quality of work life
  • Job Stress