A Brief History of the Status of English Language in India

Volume: 34  ,  Issue: 1 , August    Published Date: 19 August 2019
Publisher Name: IJRP
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1 stephen touthang


English is a language that has made inroads into many cultures and communities of people all over the world. The influence and effectiveness of English language is enormous everywhere and more especially in India. Therefore, the authors have made an attempt to highlight when and how did this influential global language begin to have a sway over the Indian subcontinent and how it has made a niche for itself in the this subcontinent. This is a conceptual article where the authors have made a deeper search of the history of English language in India. The study has indicated that English which was a language politically imposed by the British and unwelcomed by the Indians continue to enjoy a homely presence in this land till today. During the freedom movement, the language which was hated by many have turned out to be the most loved language in the post independent period. The majority of the Indians today have fully accepted English and they know that knowing the language well is not only important but an asset.


  • History
  • Status
  • English Language
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