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Biology and Life Sciences

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Distribution, ecology and significance of the genus beeter (merops) in Uzbekistan

Volume: 84  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 14 September 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 460  ,  Download: 238 , Pages: 209 - 214    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100841920212237


# Author Name
1 Shodieva F.O.
2 Kholboev F.R.


The study explored the nature of stay, distribution, the number of local territories and the significance of two species (European Bee-eater -Merops apiaster, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater -Merops persicus) of birds of the genus-Merops in Uzbekistan. As a result of the relevant questionnaires, literature materials and our own observations, the significance of the genus Merops in nature and beekeeping farms was determined. In determining their meaning, the main knowledge is removed in the composition of food and trophic behavior of these species. As a result of the data obtained, appropriate recommendations were developed for the protection and snowing of the harmful effects of the genus Merops on beekeeping farms. These recommendations make it possible to prevent illegal catch of bee-eaters, protect them and reduce harmful activity.


  • repellent
  • beekeeping
  • commensalism
  • lodging
  • biocenotic relationship
  • behavior