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From Acculturation to Adaptation: Defying Overseas Filipino Junior High School Completers? Struggles in an International Setting

Volume: 44  ,  Issue: 1 , January    Published Date: 14 January 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
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# Author Name
1 Noemi F. Formaran, Ed.D.
2 Elaizabelle Jem P. Bisenio
3 Rachel Anne C. Casipit
4 Jan Erika Mari D. Castro
5 Anika Jolie G. Fajutagana
6 Mary Angelynne L. Tabernilla
7 Danna Sofia L. Dichos



Background: Shifting from one educational setting to another has exposed the Filipino junior high school completer to the struggles that accompany acculturation and adaptation. Research has shown that this transition has significant consequences on the students’ learning and functioning. Method: This qualitative study deployed a phenomenological design to analyze human behavior relative to the central question: "What are the common struggles encountered by Philippine School Doha Junior High School completers regarding their acculturation and adaptation?” In this context, a twenty-five semi-structured interview was utilized for the data gathering, and a logical approach in theme development was applied for the data analysis. Findings: The data gathered in this study will be utilized in the identification of academic, social and cultural challenges that may be faced by the participants. Conclusion: Analysis of the responses indicates that the experiences and perceptions of the respondents' struggles are centered on four emergent areas namely: adaptation styles, literacy and diversity, organizational support, and adjustment; where apparent struggles in acculturation and adaptation arise. Recommendation: The researchers propose that potential researchers expand the range of participants to other nationalities. Furthermore, narrowing the topic for this study is a way to derive specific experiences that could lead to more novel studies instead of concentrating on a broader scope.


  • Adaptation
  • acculturation
  • transitional difficulties
  • educational setting
  • Junior High School