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Fitting-In? Struggles of Multiracial Adolescents in Philippine School Doha: Win or Lose?

Volume: 44  ,  Issue: 1 , January    Published Date: 14 January 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
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# Author Name
1 Lorina S. Villanueva, Ed.D.
2 Amiel Joshua C. Aguillar
3 Ralph Mathew B. Aposaga
4 Romer Ailon G. Lubuguin
5 Kyla Nicole B. Lim
6 Suzette A. Prieto


Background: Living in a culturally diverse world, relationships are bound to form. Unions between those of different races are becoming more prevalent which leads to multiracial offspring. Purpose: This research aims to uncover the ‘Fitting-In’ struggles of multiracial adolescents within their own family and how they cope with their given circumstances.  Methods: The respondents’ lived experiences were discovered following qualitative design through phenomenology. Findings: Three themes have emerged such as Cultural Diversity, Language Barrier and Mediation which represent the familial fitting-in struggles as they undergo the processes of adapting, acquiring, and adjusting to cultures of both sides of the family. Fitting-in struggles are also felt through miscommunication, misunderstanding, personal adaptation, and familial conciliation. Conclusion: The respondents proved that they have ‘won’ in this battle of constantly fighting to learn and adapt to the cultures they have been exposed to and to the people they are surrounded with. Recommendations: Thus, it is recommended for other multiracial adolescents to give great emphasis on the attitude of learning which causes them to be more determined, driven, and willing to continue through as they undergo the process of  acculturation. No matter what the race, gender, class, or age the person has, they are to be acknowledged and placed value upon as people.


  • cultural diversity
  • mediation
  • personal adapatation
  • familial conciliation
  • miscommunication
  • language barrier
  • acculturation