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Taking Stand Behind the Bars of Lies: The Toxicity of Cyberbullies Among Students

Volume: 44  ,  Issue: 1 , January    Published Date: 14 January 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
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# Author Name
1 Fredelito Don John A. Vallesteros, Ph.D.
2 Aaron Curt J. Recato
3 Jedson Earl P. Ucang
4 Ronna Anjela R. Canaria
5 Anna Isabella G. Mariano


Background: Cyberbullying is one of the most prevalent phenomena in the digital age. Victims of cyberbullying rarely get the justice that should be handled without difficulty. Among those victims are adolescents who have experienced cyberbullying who seek to assist and provide reliable solutions to lessen cyberbullying. This study focuses on understanding the experiences of victims of cyberbullying. Method: This qualitative paper made use of a phenomenological research design to understand the lived experiences and perceptions of the participants, specifically students who have experienced cyberbullying, relative to the central question: "What are the common experiences of students with regard to the harm caused by cyberbullying?" Data were gathered through a twenty-five semi-structured interview and were analyzed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: Findings have shown the effects of cyberbullying, along with solutions that assist inaptly dealing with them, which comes with the victims' experiences and advice. Conclusion: The increasing use of social media by adolescents has made cyberbullying a major issue. Recommendation: To fill in the literature gap, this paper recommends future researchers should focus on other factors that revolve more around the side of the perpetrator. This can include looking into their motives, methods of bullying, and underlying issues that led them to become aggravators.


  • social media
  • digital age
  • cyberbullying
  • social media
  • adolescents