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Enablers, Customers Results casual relation in the EFQM excellence model. An empirical study on Banking Sector of Sudan

Volume: 38  ,  Issue: 1 , October    Published Date: 14 October 2019
Publisher Name: IJRP
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1 Mohamed Eltahir Eltayeb


Abstract – Most of TQM literature is discussing the customer satisfaction as one of the corner stone in the process of achieving excellence in business and as one of the main indicators of performance improvement. The aim of this paper is studying customers’ satisfaction in terms of EFQM enablers (Leadership, Strategy, People, partnerships and resources, Processes) and customers’ results, by evaluating the causal relation between the enablers set and the Customers result in the EFQM model, with an empirical study on the Banking Sector of Sudan.

Design/Approach/Methodology-The approach, methodology and design of the study Present   deep understanding of the associations between the EFQM enablers customer result, by examining this hypothetical causal relationship, a survey via questionnaire conducted on 30 Banks in Sudan provide the dada of the research examination.

Findings – The enablers side (Leadership, Strategy, People, partnerships and resources, Processes, products and services) has significant contribution to the customer results except employees. The casual relation between the enablers and customer result in the EFQM model with in the Banking sector of Sudan found significantly positive except the employees as enabler element.

Research limitations/implications – This research results based only on the data collected from Sudanese firms (Banks). Other countries or other sectors researches are possible related future research opportunities. The logical extension to this research is to examine the casual relation between the rest of the enablers’ elements and the results elements sides of the EFQM model in different environments.  

Practical Implications – understanding the casual relation between the enabler side of the EFQM model which contained five elements (Leadership, Strategy, People, partnerships and resources, Processes) and the customers results which located on the result side of the model will provide a guide for proper implementation for the EFQM model and possibly facilitating the application of TQM systems. 

Originality/Value – During the last five decades customers’ expectations and needs became top priority of any business, hence organizations seeking their survival in the market grant an advance position to their customers. This study add additional value for understanding organization customers relations in terms of providing deep insight for the causal relation of the organization as represented in the EFQM model at the enabler Side of the model and the customer results on the results side of the model. Taking banking sector of Sudan as an empirical examination environment for this causal relation. 

  Key Words Customers Satisfaction , Casual relation, Business Excellence ,  European foundation for quality management, Business Excellence.

Paper type Research paper.


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