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Effects of Flexible Work Arrangements on Employee Performance of ABC BPO Company

Volume: 134  ,  Issue: 1 , October    Published Date: 08 October 2023
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 258  ,  Download: 141 , Pages: 171 - 185    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP10013411020235513


# Author Name
1 Donabel A. Briones


Work arrangements and modalities significantly changed in the last decade due to various work disruptions such as the pandemic, natural disasters, and unforeseeable events. Organizations are forced to implement remote work arrangements to sustain or survive strategically. In the process, employees and firm performance are affected by such change. This study investigated the effects of flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting, compressed work weeks, and flexi-time on employee performance. Furthermore, it determined if there are significant differences in employee performance in various work arrangements or when they are grouped according to function. Using a descriptive causal research design and quantitative analysis, data was gathered through a survey of 110 BPO employees in ABC BPO Company online. Data is analyzed using multiple regression analysis to determine which among the factors contributes more to employee performance. Telecommuting has no significant effect on employee performance. However, compressed work week and flexi-time have significant effects on employee performance. The paper produced an intervention program to improve chosen work arrangement and in aid of legislation for decision-makers.