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The Correlation of Post Definitive Surgery and Quality of Life on Patient with Hirschsprung’s Disease: A Literature Review

Volume: 112  ,  Issue: 1 , November    Published Date: 10 November 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 84  ,  Download: 49 , Pages: 106 - 110    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP10011211120224080


# Author Name
1 Ailsa Reina Faradiba
2 Alpha Fardah Athiyyah
3 I Gusti Bagus Adria Hariastawa


Hirschsprungs disease is a congenital malformation of parasympathetic ganglion in colon with the result of interfering defecation process. Since Hirschsprungs disease usually diagnoses in the early life of the patients, complain of defecation problem occurs on pediatrics patient. The management of Hirschsprungs disease is definitive surgery. Quality of life described the effectiveness of definitive surgery as the primary management of Hirschsprungs disease. The desired goal of this literature review was to described the pediatric patients quality of life post definitive surgery from previous similar study.


  • Fecal incontince; Quality of life: Hirschsrpung’s disease; Pediatrics