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Piping & Instrumentation Interface Optimization

Volume: 91  ,  Issue: 1 , December    Published Date: 29 December 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 564  ,  Download: 525 , Pages: 333 - 343    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1009111220212583


# Author Name
1 Sanjay Dehran
2 Priyanka Kodre
3 Harish Renukaradhya


Interface Management is a critical requirement for any huge project, and it becomes more critical when it comes to an EPC contractor. Each stage/phase of an EPC project has numerous stakeholders across various disciplines. Interface items are all those elements, within the scope of work under the responsibility of one stakeholder (Discipline/Department, Contractor, Supplier, Fabricator, etc.) which may be impacted by the scope of work of the other stake holder/s. The lump-sum type of projects has further increased the importance as ineffective interface management is generally one of the main factors of project cost over-run and schedule delays. This paper will mainly be focusing on the Piping / Mechanical / Instrumentation interfaces in a large EPC lump sum project. It is important to establish the communication/procedure promptly at every stage of an EPC project so that the proper information is exchanged through close collaboration between these disciplines (along with their contracts/vendors/suppliers) so that each one can perform their scope of work efficiently. Each discipline shall understand the importance of the information exchange and shall also be able to appreciate the criticality of their respective data/information concerning cost and schedule aspects. This paper will highlight the importance of the collaboration between these departments/disciplines while covering the interfaces at each phase of the project. This will also identify the critical requirements at each stage and will highlight the advantages of a good interface while also highlighting the concerns if the interface management is inefficient. The paper will cover the Consideration of piping and instrumentations interface during: 1. Study of Feed Documentation & Conceptual Development 2. Critical Stages / Milestones of Engineering (like 30%, 60% Model Review) 3. Finalization of the Mechanical Packages Vendors. 4. Construction and Commissioning Phase. The paper will also discuss some typical issues/concerns along with the mitigation of these concerns with practical examples. The paper will conclude some important findings from the project experience of the Authors related to this interface along with the most appropriate mitigation ways and means to correct &/or prevent these at an appropriate stage of the project.


  • Engineering
  • interface
  • piping
  • instrumentation
  • control system
  • project engineering
  • refinery