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Investigating the effect of financial literacy on the culture of investment in stock market among the citizens of Khoy

Volume: 83  ,  Issue: 1 , August    Published Date: 24 August 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 58  ,  Download: 25 , Pages: 81 - 91    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100831820212183


# Author Name
1 Kimia Ahmadzad Asl
2 Atieh Bohrani
3 Zahra Foroutani


Investing in stock exchange market is one of the ways for people to participate in economic development and bring small and wandering savings into productive activities. Despite the fact that many citizens in Iran are increasingly present in the financial markets, but they have always faced severe financial risks. Therefore, the present study seeks to analyze the effect of financial literacy on the culture of investment in the stock market among the citizens of Khoy. The statistical population of this study, which is a descriptive-survey research, consists of all citizens of Khoy, among them, 385 people were selected based on Cochran's formula as the statistical sample and due to the unknown size of the population. The standard questionnaire of Kandiabongomin et al. (2016) was used in this study to collect field data on financial literacy, and Nategh Golestan et al. (2013) questionnaire was used to assess the investment culture. Also, the method of studying structural equations and path analysis with the partial least squares (PLS) method by Smart-PLS software has been used in order to answer the questions and test the research hypotheses. According to the obtained results, personal attitude, personal skills, personal behavior and personal knowledge of Khoy citizens have a positive and significant effect on their culture of investment in the stock market.