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Marketing research and integrated marketing communication plan of Oreo

Volume: 65  ,  Issue: 1 , November    Published Date: 09 December 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 270  ,  Download: 55
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1006511120201575


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There are few international companies with a high level of customer interaction from digital platforms. A prime example of this is the Oreo Cookie, which with its combination of ingenuity, smartness, and engagement with consumers, has managing to retain an increasing number of people on its various online platforms, but which has also received a mostly positive reception. This business shows that the opportunity to react to emerging developments and incorporate multiplatform technology enables users to impact new and creative messaging and m in more than 100 years of cookies history. Mondel?z has more than 40 plants worldwide, and its center of excellence for producing chocolate is in Brazil, a country that will export the product to the USA. The Brazilian plant can ship to 10 countries, such as Argentina, the United States, Chile, Morocco, Costa Rica, and Colombia. The company has a presence in more than 800,000 points of sale, and, in a first-year, Oreo chocolate could reach 700,000 of these commercial spaces. The company has adapted to the market not to affect its operation, also the case with the energy reform enacted in the current trends. It includes promoting healthy lifestyles, product innovation, responsibility in advertising issues, and leadership in the communication of balanced diets that include snacks that brought taxes on sweets such as chocolate due to their high caloric content. One of the aspects that characterize a successful brand is the fact that other brands want to ally with it and, through co-branding strategies, launch products that, in a certain way, allow them to leverage their reputation and fame to reposition or reinforce their positioning. These are also the logical benefit of allying with a widely accepted brand in terms of the sales potential and the attractiveness generated in the category by putting a product, a widely recognized label, apart from saying that this rule fulfills in a brand like Oreo. Over time, Oreo has become one of the most famous snacks worldwide that helped create new products. It could either be on its own or from the same alliances; we talked about taking advantage of their cookie's successful concept and knowing how to adapt it to other similar or substitute products. However, beyond all the success that has preceded it today, people's great affection towards this brand includes children to the elderly. Many do not know is that its history contains a certain air of controversy that shows that not everything has been rosy throughout the more than one hundred years it has been on the market. Even so, throughout much of the 20th century and so far into the present, the brand has managed to keep this situation at bay and prevent it from direct impact on its image to the point that many are unaware of this issue. It has become a beloved brand in different places and countries present through very well-executed marketing.


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