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Comparative Studies on the Utilization of Motor oil of different varieties in Adamawa State.

Volume: 63  ,  Issue: 1 , October    Published Date: 06 November 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 723  ,  Download: 436 , Pages: 107 - 111    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1006311020201502


# Author Name
1 Usman Ezekiel Jabba
2 Mbudai Dzugu Yohanna
3 Karniliyus Gideon Fwah
4 Danladi Ismaila


Motor or Engine Oil is said to be the food for every engine. but this is only true when used within the even specifications. It is in view of this that this study compares the use of various motor oils available in the market in Adamawa State. The study revealed that 313% of the respondents use total Oil, 21.6% use Mobile, 19.6% use AZ, 9.8% use AP Oil, 5.9% use Jezco Oil and others and 2.0% use Amasco respectively. And on the duration they take before changing or servicing the car, about 45.1 % of respondents who responded changed Motor Oil between 25-30 days in their cars, 19.6% of the respondents used or changed Motor Oil between 30-45 days in their cars, those that use it between 20-25 days were 17.6%, between 5.9% of the respondents used or changed Motor Oil for between 45-55 days in their cars and other respondents used making up to 11.8% used or changed Motor Oil in unspecified days.


  • Motor oil
  • car
  • servicing
  • duration