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Clinicomycological study of dermatophyte infections in patients of DVL opd in tertiary care hospital at SANGLI

Volume: 61  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 08 October 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 196  ,  Download: 87
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100611920201439


# Author Name
1 Micky Hijam
2 Renuka Ashtekar
3 Shubhangi A. Gadgil


A research was carried out to determine the most common clinical type of dermatophytosis and the species that causes it. It was conducted at DVL OPD with collaboration with the microbiology department. A total number of 130 patients were enrolled who had no history of any treatment whether topical or systemic for the dermatophytosis. All the patients underwent Pottasium Hydroxide (KOH) mount test for fungal element by taking skin scrapings with aseptic precautions from the scaly skin lesions while for hair and nails, clippings were taken and send to central laboratory of microbiology department. The samples were simultaneously sent for culture in Sabouraud agar media. The reports of KOH mount and culture was thoroughly studied, analyzed and correlated with the clinical presentation of each patient. In this study, we found that Tinea corporis was the most common type followed by Tinea cruris and the most common causative organism being the Trichophyton mentagrophytes. This study also proved that KOH mount preparation is a good screening test for Dermatophytosis and hence we can abruptly start treatment based on clinical suspicion and the KOH mount findings which we can procure within few minutes.


  • Sabouraud afar dextrose
  • KOH mount
  • Dermatophyte
  • dermatophytosis
  • trichophyton mentagrophytes