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Modification and Comprehensive Review on Vegetable oil as Green Lubricants (Bio-lubricants)

Volume: 61  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 28 September 2020
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 884  ,  Download: 144
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100611920201437


# Author Name
1 Zain Khalid
2 Manzoor Ali


As the petroleum fraction’s demand increasing day by day in case of lubricating the parts of machinery. This also increase the problem of disposal of waste lubricant that may contaminate the soil and water environment and the depletion of petroleum reserve also brought the interest of researchers toward developing the lubricants that should be environmental friendly and also obtained from the source that should be in bulk quantity and easily obtainable. In this regards, vegetable oil is selected to be used as lubricant because it has some competent properties like higher flash point, fire point, viscosity index and the Tribological properties are better than the mineral oil based lubricant. Like Tribological properties of soybean oil with the different proportion of ZDDP is investigated and compared with mineral oil, results show that less wear and tear is observed. Similarly, the physical properties of jatropha oil was compared with the engine oil and hydraulic oil. The results show that the jatropha oil has less coefficient of friction and wear scar diameter than the engine oil and can be used as engine oil with the improvement in its viscosity. along with soybean and jatropha oil, anti-wear properties of the karanja oil blended with benzoic acid and ZDDP separately investigated and results showed that karanja oil can also be used as lubricant instead of mineral based lubricant. But karanja oil has drawback of high pour point than the mineral oil which is modified by using the polymethacrylate as a pour point depressant and lower the pour point from 1oC to -11oC with the addition of 1% in karanja oil. Overall results about vegetable oil show that vegetable oil modified with different chemical can be used as a lubricant in the industry with relatively low priced than the available lubricants in the market. These vegetable oil might be extracted in the Asian countries in a bulk quantity.