Editor Profile

Aitor Garcés-Manzanera

Faculty of Education, University of Murcia
Associate Lecturer


My research lines deal with very different fields of knowledge. My main research interest is oriented towards teaching English as a Foreign Language with regards to cognitive processes, critical review of teaching methodologies in L2 (for instance, the DEC-PRO model of activity sequencing, the Processability Theory or the Task-Based Approach, among many others). Furthermore, these interests are materialised by means of theoretical and empirical studies which test, reject or analyse varied TEFL theories. My secondary research line is centred upon Historical Linguistics and Manuscript Studies.


Aitor Garcés Manzanera holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Murcia (2015), a Master’s Degree in Language Teaching (2016) and a Master’s Degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (2017). In 2015, he was awarded a Research Grant in German Philology at the Department of Translation and Interpreting. Later on, he received a Research Grant in Historical Linguistics and Manuscript Studies in the Department of English Studies. He is fully devoted to his PhD dissertation in the field of ESL Teaching in Secondary schools in Spain. 

Experience In

In February 2016, he started to work as an Associate Lecturer in English Language Teaching at the Department of English Language Teaching, where he currently lectures English in the different degrees at the Faculty of Education. He is in charge of coordinating the BA Theses in the field of English Language Teaching within the BA in Early Years Education, and he also supervises MA Theses for postgraduate students. Furthermore, he has been member of several Evaluation Committees for both BA and MA Theses. 

Besides his teaching duties, Aitor belongs to the Editorial Board of the “International Journal of Language and Linguistics (IJLL)” (ISSN: 2330-0205) and has published a number of research articles and books, some of which are still under peer-review process.