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Earth, Energy & Environment

The Study of sharp decline in groundwater in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer province with special attention to the Calacho plain- Dehdasht- iran

Pages: 7  ,  Volume: 3  ,  Issue: 1 , April   2018
Received: 28 Apr 2018  ,  Published: 06 May 2018
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1 Ali Akbar Afshin


Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province With an area of about 13699 square kilometers located in the South East of the iran country. Three-quarters of the province's area constituted of mountains and plains where only one-fourth of six (kalacho, Charam, Bordian Deddasht, Lishter, ImamZadeh Jafar )  that have significant role in agriculture and animal husbandry industry of super play this deprived province. Due to the topography of the surface waters of this province is very difficult and costly, and in some areas almost impossible.  The underground water source (sedimentation tanks and reservoirs karst) is the only source of fresh water for the people of the region.  Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province as well as some of the provinces in recent decades have suffered from drought. Risk of water resources crisis caused a sharp reduction in precipitation and wrong methods of irrigation and overexploitation of underground water source future ahead of us draws disturbing. As far as problems such as drying decline in groundwater levels in some water wells in all the fields, reducing the flow of large rivers and small rivers drying, water quality degradation, increased pumping costs and sat on the ground along with others. In this paper Is considered, the effects of drought in six decades on Groundwater Resource Major Plains Kohkiloueh with drawing and analysis unit hydrograph and rainfall plains ten years (with an emphasis on Kalacho plain) and offered strategies for Confronting with it .


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