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Engineering & Technology

Design and Construction of Hand-Launched Flying Wing RC Aircraft

Pages: 11  ,  Volume: 21  ,  Issue: 1 , January   2019
Received: 05 Feb 2019  ,  Published: 07 February 2019
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# Author Name
1 Aung Lwin Moe
2 Aye Aye Pyone


This paper covers the basic tools and concepts required to develop the new design of hand-launched Flying Wing unmanned aerial vehicle that will survive for next generation of students who are interested in this environment. This paper presents not only the actual layout, the basic concepts and loading analysis, performance analysis, software analysis, static stability check and dynamic stability check for our project but also the actual construction layout with difficulties which seek in construction and the analytical process used to determine how the predicted design should be modified to better meet the requirements.
The initial design sizing is developed by the reference of Skywalker Mini version. The performance analysis, the loading effects, static stability checks and dynamic stability checks on the predicted design are also calculated by hand, by Microsoft Excel and MATLAB Software. Static structure deformation and stability analysis of FEE – 004, the point of interest on our project, is checked by “ANSYS FLUENT 19” software for decreasing risks. Then the detail drawing of the predicted design is developed by both Auto-CAD and Solid Work Software. Construction techniques and experiences are reported in step-by-step procedures with many illustrative visual aids.


  • hand-launched; UAV;
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