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Pages: 9  ,  Volume: 20  ,  Issue: 1 , January   2019
Received: 16 Jan 2019  ,  Published: 28 January 2019
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1 M.F. Hibathul Careem


Construction firms are now seeking professionals with better management and leadership skills rather than technical skills. Employees are an important part of any industry and their job satisfaction affects the turnover rate and productivity of a company. This study was planned specially to examine the leadership style of supervisor and its influence on job satisfaction of the construction workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is the leading country in terms of infrastructure development and other industries such as tourism, and real estate in the Gulf Region. To attain our research aim, different theories on leadership styles and job satisfaction were explored by using 95 hard copies of pre-tested questionnaires distributed to the selected companies and also 180 questionnaires were distributed electronically by using Survey monkey. One hundred and fifty samples were selected for analysis and   It was observed that the consultative (Pearson correlation r = 0.190, p = 0.020), consensus (r = 0.168, p = 0.039) and team management (r = 0.197, p = 0.016) leadership styles were significantly correlated at P = 0.05. Also, this study revealed that company’s prevailing leadership style of supervisors strongly influences the employees’ job satisfaction of the office employees in the construction industry and it was suggested that employees’ job satisfaction was more strongly influenced by the feeling of accomplishment one get from the job, the chance to work alone on the job, and the working conditions. The limitations of the study were focused on office employees because of time constraints and the level of education of the workforce on site. Also, the survey investigated the existing leadership styles, and the influence of leadership styles on employees’ job satisfaction and it was found that leadership style strongly affects the job satisfaction of the employees in the industry. Therefore, leadership has a strong influence on employees’ job satisfaction.


  • Construction
  • , Gulf Region
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Leadership
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