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Sustainability Reporting and Financial Performance of Listed Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria

Volume: 67  ,  Issue: 1 , December    Published Date: 08 January 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 47  ,  Download: 23
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1006711220201627


# Author Name
1 Appolos N. Nwaobia
2 Sandra Onyinyechi Ihejieto


Studies have shown that deposit money banks in Nigeria have often experienced collapse due to poor financial performance, however stemming this tide has remained a daunting challenge for both operators and regulators. Consequently, this study examined the sustainability reporting and financial performance of listed Deposit Money Banks (DBMs) in Nigeria. The ex-post factor research design was deployed using a population of thirteen listed deposit money banks. Ten of these banks representing 77% of the population were chosen using the judgmental sampling technique. The source of data for the study was published annual accounts of the targeted entities. The validity and validity of the data were based on the certification of the external auditors. Descriptive statistics and panel data regression were used while diagnostic tests of Hausman, Breusch-Pagan/Cook-Weisberg test for heteroscedasticity, and multicolinearity tests were carried out. The study found that sustainability reporting measures had no significant impact on ROA (Adj.R2 = 0.1037, F (3, 96) = 5.69, p > 0.05) but that firm size and age significantly moderated the impact of sustainability reporting measures on banks’ financial performance (Adj.R2 = 0.1993, F (3, 96) = 10.38, p< 0.05). The study therefore recommended that deposit money banks should leverage on their firm size and firm age in developing their sustainability framework in order to address the needs of its stakeholders. This will improve the business relationship and consequently enhance their financial performance.


  • return on assets
  • Deposit Money Bank
  • Sustainability Reporting