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Phyo Wai Thaw

Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University


Aerospace Engineering

Fluid Mechanics Engineering

Propulsion Engineering


Dec 2012 - Oct 2018 >> Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University >> B.E (Aerospace)

April 2016 - Present >> Fluid Energy and Environmental Engineering Lab >> Researcher 

Experience In

1. Phyo Wai Thaw, Aung Myo Thu, Than Swe, “Scramjet Inlet Design Code Development and Validation through Computational Fluid Dynamics,” Eighth International Conference on Science and Engineering, December 2016.

2. Than Swe, Zin Win Thu, Phyo Wai Thaw, “Operational Optimization of Micro Gas Turbine Engine for Higher Performance,” International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development (IJAERD), Volume 5, Issue 08, August 2018.

3. PIONIQ Group, Than Swe, “Performance Optimization of Mini-Jet Engine,” International Journal of Research (IJR), Volume 05, Issue 20, September 2018.

4. Phyo Wai Thaw, Zin Win Thu, Than Swe, “Optimum Line of High Bypass Twin Spool Separated Flow Turbofan Engine,” International Journal of Research Publications (IJRP), Volume 12, Issue 01, September 2018.

5. Phyo Wai Thaw, Zin Win Thu, “Development and Validation of Hypersonic Engine Inlet Design Code,” International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI), Volume 05, Issue 09, September 2018.