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Asymptotic Converging Observer for an Energy Harvesting System

Pages: 9  ,  Volume: 3  ,  Issue: 1 , April   2018
Received: 06 May 2018  ,  Published: 06 May 2018
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# Author Name
1 Ukoima Kelvin Nkalo


This paper presents proof of an asymptotic converging observer for an energy harvesting system. In an energy harvesting system, an observer is used to estimate mechanical quantities from the known electrical variables. Most estimation in the past has remained a challenge owing to rigorous computational techniques. In this work, we show that if there exists mappings which are left invertible and the manifolds of these mappings are positive invariant, then, using the small gain theorem and the solution of a modified algebraic Riccati equation, an asymptotic converging observer can be designed.


  • Ricatti
  • Energy harvesting
  • Observer
  • Asymptotic
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