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Investigation of Basic Feasible Solution by Modified Algorithm

Pages: 4  ,  Volume: 40  ,  Issue: 1 , November   2019
Received: 19 Nov 2019  ,  Published: 16 November 2019
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# Author Name
1 Arifuzzaman
2 Md.Rumman Rafi
3 Md. Salehin Ferdous
4 Ariful Islam
5 Maksuda Akter Sawpna


A significant undertaking in Operation Research (OR) is to locate the Basic Feasible Solution (BFS) of  Transportation Problem (TP). In this, the distribution   indicators (DI) have been resolved from the distinction of the biggest unit cost and average value of total unit cost of each row and column .The area of the fundamental cells have been resolved as the biggest entrance of the transportation Table (TT) along the biggest DI. The modified technique is delineated with a model alongside the optimality test to legitimize its proficiency. It is seen that the strategy introduced in this is material similarly on the reasonable and lopsided TP with equivalent imperatives.


  • biggest unit cost and average value of total unit cost etc
  • TP
  • TT
  • BFS
  • References


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