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Architecture & Civil Engineering

Mechanical Properties of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash (SCBA) as a Partial Replacement of OPC

Pages: 08  ,  Volume: 39  ,  Issue: 2 , October   2019
Received: 02 Nov 2019  ,  Published: 08 November 2019
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# Author Name
1 Ariful Islam
2 Sara Yesmin


This exploration assesses the appropriateness of sugarcane bagasse ash (SCBA) as a partial replacement of OPC in concrete technology. The sugarcane bagasse (SCB) is used as fuel in the boilers of a lot of sugar industrial facilities in Bangladesh. The SCB ingests at around 5000c to take warm in such cases. As indicated by the past research the compound arrangement of SCBA uncovered that such results are probably going to be pozzolanic. Sugarcane bagasse ash was gone through 0.074mm sieve. SCBA is used to set up a blend as a replacement OPC in concrete, at that point OPC was replaced by weight in the proportion of 0%, 5%, 10%, and 15%. The example was tested for compressive strength test, flexural strength and split tensile test. The 7 and 28 days example demonstrated an extremely slight decrease in compressive strength by 10.9% and 8.4% for 5% replacement of OPC which is surprising for lightweight concrete. It assumes a important part of a manageable advancement of the agro-industry waste item. On the other hand, with the expanding level of sugarcane bagasse ash in concrete the water ingestion and warm extension property of concrete decrease. The test results demonstrated that up to 10% replacement of OPC by sugarcane bagasse ash results in better for specific concrete properties and further ecological and financial


  • Water ingestion & Warm extension Property
  • Pozzolanic
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Sugarcane Bagasse Ash
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