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Computer Science & Electrical

Fiber to the home network (FTTX) Implementation and Feasibility in Sri Lanka

Pages: 19  ,  Volume: 37  ,  Issue: 2 , September   2019
Received: 02 Oct 2019  ,  Published: 04 October 2019
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1 Sashna. M.B.F


In my research, mainly focus on Fiber to the home network implementation and feasibility in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, every person faces the network problem. Therefore, this paper can give the best solution for the telecommunication industry. In presenting days, we can’t get very user friendly network. Some time, we face so many issues while transferring the data. In here, we can use Fiber to the home network technology using Gigabit Passive Optical Network and Optical Access Network Architectures. When we use this technologies, want to use some of the specific equipment and materials also. There are two types of signal distribution methods. Those are Passive Optical network and Active Optical Network. In first option, it implements with point to multi point architecture. It can be used by more end users. In second option, it manages direct signals and some specific points. Here, we can select first option than second one. There are so many researchers going on transmitting materials. Some of the approaches are available to perform and exchange the data without less loss than now a day. Here, we can conclude the material with quantum fiber. Because, light can bend with different angles and can maintain privacy very highly. From this implementation, we can connect more people through Wild Area Network and can get low attenuation and high bandwidth connectivity. Advancing into fiber optic network will make a re-evaluation in telecommunication business industry.




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