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Earth, Energy & Environment

Effects of water erosion on the western bank of White Nile at Detang village - Upper Nile State South Sudan

Pages: 10  ,  Volume: 36  ,  Issue: 1 , September   2019
Received: 18 Sep 2019  ,  Published: 30 September 2019
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1 Okel Akol Ajawin1
2 Dr. AlaminAlawad Hag Ahmed



The study dealt with the erosion of the banks of cities and villages located on the banks of the White Nile in general and the eastern bank of Ditang village in particular.  As the phenomenon of water erosion, which leads to the removal of soil and eroding of the banks of cities and villages located near proximity to the water courses, therefore this study aimed at identifying the soil type of the study area, in addition to knowing the percentage and size of the area of ??change that occurs in the village in particular and the entire island in general,  due to the erosion process, by comparing several satellite images for different years from 1973 to 2016 for a maximum period of 43 years. This study is based on the observation and indicators of the effect of the erosion process on the West Bank of the White Nile, ie, the eastern bank of Detang village. Thus, in order to achieve the objectives of the study, some of the scientific research methods were used: soil testing method,social survey method and comparative method.The study concluded that the erosion of the West Bank of the Nile at  Detang was due to the interaction of several factors, including: the watercurrent of the White Nile hitting on the West Bank, the presence of a water curvation on the eastern bank of the Nile facing  the land of Detangvillag On the West Bank of the White Nile, the dominance of the sandy loam  soil in the study area, the undulated surface of the study area and the various human activities on the eastern bank of the area. The (43) year is about (15.16%) and this means that Detang village may disappear from the earth's surface in about three centuries. The convex slope (lateral erosion) On the West Bank of the White Nile at  Detang village, the spread of the Nile water at the expense of the dry land on the West Bank of the Nile as a result of the acceleration of water erosion on the study area.The researcher faced several difficulties during the period of this research: Difficulty in obtaining information from the population of the study area, visiting the study area during the time of the civil war in South Sudan,  lack of previous studies (secondary data) on the impact of  water erosion and the factors affecting this phenomenon on the cities and villages located on the banks of the White Nile in the Upper Nile State in general  and the eastern bank  of Detang village on the West Bank of the White Nile in particular, lack of financial support for the study.The results recommended the installation of the bank toe and the restoration of the vegetation on the concerned bank, the treatment of human activities that complicate the problem of erosion , introducing some administrative strategies that reduce water erosion and addressing the effects of the implementation of the Jonglei Canal project.

  Finally, this study could be the beginning of further studies in the field of factors affecting water erosion on the bank of the white Nile in the State of South Sudan in general and its West Bank at Detang village in particular, in addition to studies in the field of reducing the effects of water erosion on the cities and villages located On the banks of the White Nile in Upper Nile State in particular and the Republic of South Sudan in general.





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