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Volume: 1  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 10 October 2017
Publisher Name: IJRP
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Hahnemann‘s ?Theory of Chronic Disease‘ is a pioneer to the key of ideal cure of myriad chronic diseases. Hahnemann discovered that the non-venereal chronic sicknesses originate from a morbid condition or disposition to disease transferring from generation to generation for thousands of years. Therefore, any external treatment to get rid of the skin manifestation is harmful to the patient and may be avoided. Some eminent dermatologist‘s perspicacious observation reveals that suppression of some sorts of skin diseases end in virulent internal disorder. He named the morbid condition as Psora behaving because the fostering soil for pretty much all doable sickness. In keeping with Hahnemann Psora developed from suppression of itch sickness by external application in earlier period. Hahnemann thought of the peculiar body covering eruption was the outward manifestation of internal itch sickness, the Psora. it's once more even by another instance that underneath correct homoeopathic treatment of a chronic sickness having history of suppressed skin manifestation within the past, the recent eruption undoubtedly appear satisfying Dr. Hering‘s law of cure. So to bring cure to any sickness particularly chronic sickness, one ought to focus one‘s attention towards the patient [host] to search out the basic cause while not ignoring the sickness agents and therefore the environmental factors acting as exciting or maintaining cause. Health is that the results of the dynamic equilibrium among the sickness agent, human host and therefore the atmosphere. Human host possessing hereditary factors have Associate in nursing large role within the production of huge variety of diseases. Till and unless, Miasm [the basic explanation for all natural diseases] is completed away with by agency of antimiasmatic treatment, the permanent cure of chronic sickness isn't doable.


  • Hahnemann‘s theory
  • Non-venereal chronic diseases
  • Psora
  • Miasm
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