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Architecture & Civil Engineering

Analysis and Design of Substructure for Cable-Stayed Bridge

Pages: 7  ,  Volume: 34  ,  Issue: 1 , August   2019
Received: 14 Aug 2019  ,  Published: 16 August 2019
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1 Thazin Thein


Transportation has played a vital role in every aspect of ancient and modern civilization. In this study, substructure of Mone Chaung Bridge is analyzed and designed by using STAAD-Pro software. The required borehole soil data are taken from Ministry of Construction in Myanmar. Firstly, general requirements of substructure are designed such as pier, cap, pile, pile cap and abutment. The proposed Mone Chaung Bridge linking the Padan and Kazunma sections is located on the Pathein- Monywa road in Magway Division, Myanmar which is in seismic zone III. Superstructure of two lanes two spans with 600ft ft is analyzed by STAAD-Pro software. Live loads are applied HS 20-44 according to AASHTO specification. Wind and seismic load are considered from UBC-97 code. Material properties and specifications of concrete are according to ACI 318-05. The concrete compression strength fc? (3000psi) and the bending reinforcement yield stress fy (50000psi) are used in substructure. The allowable bearing capacity of the soil is calculated by SPT methods. The load for foundation design is taken from superstructure’s analysis result. In substructure design pile capacity, pile caps and abutments which are designated manually and checked by ACECOMS GEAR design software. In pile foundation design, the pile diameter is 5 ft, required pile length is 94ft and #8 bars are used for reinforcement steel. Abutment is designed deal with the critical loads from superstructure. The settlement effects and liquefaction are satisfied. The sliding, overturning and stability of abutment are also satisfied. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are presented.


  • ACI 318-05
  • Cable-stayed Bridge
  • STAAD-Pro
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