Architecture & Civil Engineering

Architecture & Civil Engineering

Structural Modification of Proposed Reinforced Concrete Building

Pages: 5  ,  Volume: 34  ,  Issue: 1 , August   2019
Received: 14 Aug 2019  ,  Published: 15 August 2019
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# Author Name
1 Thazin Thein
2 Nwe Nwe Win


This research describes the structural modification of proposed building in TU(MTLA), Meiktila City, Myanmar. First of all, the differences between proposed design and existing structure and stability of the structure have been introduced. The propose building is three-storeyed residential reinforced concrete building. The proposed design structure is analyzed to get optimum sizes by ETABS software and results obtaining from analyzing are mentioned. And then, the existing structure of proposed building with actual existing data is also analyzed by ETABS software and results are mentioned. The structural elements are deigned according to ACI-318-99. Load considerations are based on UBC-97. Wind and Seismic load is considered as external lateral load in equivalent static analysis procedure. Design results of proposed and existing structure are compared to know the differences between.



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