Biology and Life Sciences

Biology and Life Sciences

Assessment of Selected Environmental Impacts and Current Situation of Rangeland in Wad Omer Agricultural Scheme West Omdurman- Sudan

Volume: 33  ,  Issue: 2 , July    Published Date: 30 July 2019
Publisher Name: IJRP
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# Author Name
1 Samia Alsamane Babeker farahaldour
2 Yasir Yousif Abdalla
3 Abdalaziz Karamalla Giaballa


The study was conducted in Wad Omer agricultural scheme at Omdurman locality which was located between 16º 19? 37? -16º 27? N and 31º 43?- 31º 47? E, in Khartoum state, during the years 2017and 2018. The aim of the study was to investigate environmental impact of drought and desertification in Wad Omer agricultural scheme. For vegetation measurements the parker loop method were used to measure relative plants cover, of the rangeland using transect 100 meter tape and a ¾ loop placed at ground level at one meter intervals. In addition to, weight and harvest method was used to determine biomass in specific area, (1m2). Also in the same quadrate was used to determine plant frequency%, and plant density. The questionnaire were designed for three villages (Wad Omer village, Souge village, and Umharoot village ) of the total villages round wad Omer  agriculture scheme that represent 10%, a total of 105 respondents was taken. A questionnaire was designed to collect data and information required. The target groups were farmers, traders, herders, Focused group discussion was conducted using checklist to investigate some aspects concerning with the study. The standard equations of vegetation measurement were used for plant attribute data analyzes and the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze socio-economic data. The results showed the average percentage of plant cover in the sandy soil was higher than the rocky soil site also the result showed that the plant density in sand soil was 45/plant/m2 and 35/plant/m2 in rock soil. The productivity of the biomass had not affected by the soil types in grazing sites, while the sandy soil grazing site recorded the same production of biomass compared to rocky soil grazing sites.


  • Rangeland
  • Plant density
  • Rocky soil
  • Biomass
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