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Successes of Traditional Institutions in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation. A case Study of Traditional Institutions in Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe

Pages: 6  ,  Volume: 23  ,  Issue: 1 , February   2019
Received: 03 Mar 2019  ,  Published: 13 March 2019
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1 Mbwirire John and Kurwa Timothy


This study ascertains the success of traditional institutions in peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe. The mixed method approach was study employed by combining questionnaires with community members, focus group discussions with traditional chief`s council members and in-depth interviews with traditional chiefs. The findings of the study were that traditional institutions were successful in resolving social conflicts and land disputes. However, traditional institutions were not successful in resolving political and economic problems. The study recommended that traditional institions should continue to resolve social and land disputes but in line with modern changes in legislature, technology and developmental trends.


  • Conflict transformation
  • Peacebuilding traditional instituitions
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