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Medicine, Health & Food

Vitamins and their relations to oral health: A review study

Pages: 13  ,  Volume: 22  ,  Issue: 1 , February   2019
Received: 17 Feb 2019  ,  Published: 03 March 2019
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# Author Name
1 Amer A. Taqa
2 Faehaa Azher Al-Mashhadane


oral disease, a relevant public health problem, is considered a common disease of many people. In this respect, vitamins may be a modifying factor in the progression and healing of the oral diseases and promoting oral and dental health. Vitamins have been recommended as nutrients for prevention and treatment of some pathological conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and obesity. Thus, an approach to determine how the different vitamin types could improve oral and dental health is necessary to further understanding of the potential benefits and risks of vitamins supplementation use. For this review of English-written literature which included researches on the relationship of each vitamin with oral and dental health, was conducted.


  • vitamin; gingivitis; oral health; periodontitis; caries.
  • References


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