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Pages: 15  ,  Volume: 21  ,  Issue: 1 , January   2019
Received: 05 Feb 2019  ,  Published: 07 February 2019
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1 Amit Mishra


 Predictably the surveillance monitoring system is prepared in the Examination Hall and by a mount of labor or fixed invigilators. But nowadays, monitoring surveillance system can be done using ICT as a tool. This type of invigilation is less time consuming, can reduce the manpower, and can be made effective. Furthermore, it provides the user flexibility to monitor event during examination at hall. This project also deals with the movement in the video, this will be a greater help to the exam officer to observe occurrences. In the end, this project is not only to reduce the manpower but also give advantages of using Internet Protocol Surveillance Cordless System.


  • Technology
  • ICT
  • Exam Invigilation
  • crime monitor
  • IP Surveillance
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