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Pages: 11  ,  Volume: 20  ,  Issue: 1 , January   2019
Received: 16 Jan 2019  ,  Published: 31 January 2019
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1 Uzoegbu, M.U.


A total of twelve water samples of six each were collected during the dry and wet seasons from six sampled localities (Akwa, Odogwa, Obite, Odagwa and Umuebulu) along Etche River. These were to determine the seasonal variation in the quality of surface water and level of pollution. The result of the physico-biogeochemical determination showed variations from one locality to another in both dry and wet seasons for Turbidity, Temperature, DO, TSS, TCC, P, N, Fe and Pb. The values of Conductivity, TDS, BOD, Cl, S, Bi- CO32-, THC were higher in dry season than wet seasons. The pH values ranged from 5.17-6.50 indicate that almost all the samples were slightly acidic in both seasons. The DO values of some samples are within WHO limit (7.5) whilst others are not. The high values of turbidity, temperature, TSS, TCC, P, N, Fe and Pb in the wet season could be attributed to the influx of sediments from inter-land and waste from dumpsite and human activities. The dilution from overland flow and run-off also attribute to the high values of P and N. Heavy metals concentrations in most of the sampled areas were found to fall below the safe limits of WHO except Fe that is slightly above the recommended limit. The biogeochemical parameter (TCC) in all the localities was higher than the limit for WHO, suggesting the possible contamination of bacteria from industry, human and animal wastes.



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