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Biology and Life Sciences


Pages: 11  ,  Volume: 12  ,  Issue: 1 , September   2018
Received: 17 Sep 2018  ,  Published: 22 September 2018
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# Author Name
1 Dr. Pukuma M.S
2 UMAR Babagana




This study was aimed at determine the prevalence of plasmodiasis on chickens at baga market, baga road Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria, A total of three hundred (300) blood sample of the chickens was collected at random from the study area. The blood sample was collected by puncturing the brachial (wing) vein of the chickens using sterile 26 gauge needle, the area, was picked and squeezed gently to obtain a large drop of blood. A thin blood films was prepared from each bird on ready -to- use thin film was spread using a smooth edge slide spreader using a grease pencil, slide was labeled with number for identification. The result showed that 64(21.3%), 17(5.7%), 14(4.7%), 5(1.7%), 6(2.0%) and 14(4.7%) were infected with plasmodium, haemoproteus, leucocytozoon, plasmodium+leucocytozoon, haemoproteus+leucocytozoon, and plasmodium+haemoproteus respectively. The results also shows male has the highest incidence of infection than the female. Similarly between the adult and young, the highest incidence was recorded in adult chickens. Thus, it is recommended that chickens in Maiduguri to be treated against the plasmodium and other parasitic diseases.




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