Biology and Life Sciences

Biology and Life Sciences

Callus induction from the explant of Atidesma menasu – a folklore medicinal plant

Pages: 5  ,  Volume: 11  ,  Issue: 1 , August   2018
Received: 08 Sep 2018  ,  Published: 08 September 2018
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# Author Name
1 Dhanya P
2 Rama Bhat P


Antidesma menasu is a folklore medicinal plant belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae. This particular study reveals an in vitro culture of the research plant by using Murashige and Skoog(MS) medium  with different growth regulators at its different concentration levels. Explant selected for this particular study was leaf. The proliferation of the callus was seen in different concentrations of  2,4-D and 2,4-D in combination with Kinetin.


  • Antidesma menasu; Murashige and Skoog
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